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Rooms are available at Embassy Suites!

Now that we are so close to the date of the show, some people who made reservations at the Embassy Suites earlier in the year have realized they cannot make it to the convention, and so we have some cancellations. The hotel now has about two dozen rooms available during the convention dates. Those rooms will go for the current market rate, and not our original discount rate.  If you would like the convenience of staying at the on-site hotel, we do have rooms available!  To book a room, please call 1-800-EMBASSY.


Pre-Registration is now closed.
Not to worry, though.
You can still register at the convention!

Beginning at noon on Wednesday, August 14, registration is open at the convention site in Loveland.  You can bring your completed registration form and contest entry forms . . . or you can fill them out on site as well.

Tours - The Buckley AFB tour is now closed to registration.  However, you can sign up for the Wings Over The Rockies Museum tour and the Rocky Mountain National Park tour no later than noon on Thursday; and you can sign up for the Autophile Tour (Cussler and Shelby museums) no later than noon on Friday.

Hotel reservations - The discounted IPMS room rates are no longer available for new reservations.  As of July 31, t here are approximately 8 available rooms at the Embassy Suites at current market rates:  contact the hotel at 1-800-EMBASSY.  Do not try to contact the hotel by its local number - you'll only be transferred to their national reservations number anyway. Rooms are also available at Fairfield Inn, Hampton Inn, and Residence Inn at current market rates.  See the Accommodations page for contact information for these hotels.

Vendor Tables - We have a handful of vendor tables now available in our Roll Models Vendor Room.  If you want to get a vendor table, contact our Vendor Coordinator immediately!  The cost is $125 per table.

Sponsorships - All of the sponsorship requests received through July 31 are reflected on the Categories page.  If you do not see your sponsorship listed, please contact our Sponsorship Coordinator right away.  We appeciate all of the support from the various IPMS/USA chapters, hobby businesses, and friends.  We don't want to overlook recognizing your contributions!


One Day Left to Pre-Register!
After tomorrow, you must register on site at the convention.

Announcing the return of the Canadian Beer Blast!
For those of us old enough to remember, and not yet old enough to have forgotten, we welcome back the Canadian Beer Blast, sponsored by IPMS/Canada and the Colorado National Contest Committee.  The Beer Blast, in combination with our Wild West Trivia Contest, make up our Friday Night Round-Up at 7pm in the Rocky River Bar & Grille (the Embassy Suites' hotel restaurant).  You can purchase your admission ticket (button) at the general admission desk in the Conference Center Rotunda for $5 (good for 2 beers); or purchase other or additional drinks from the restaurant bar.  Test your knowledge among your fellow modelers by joining in the Wild West Trivia Contest.  And most importantly, take a moment to sit back, relax, share some stories, and have fun getting to know your fellow conventioneers.

Our 2013 Convention-Special Decals have arrived!  Our special thanks go to Bob Sanchez of Twobobs Aviation Graphics for producing this year's convention-special decals.  Look for these decal sheets in your registration packet.


Good News!
The deadline to get your
pre-registration submitted
has been extended to Sunday, July 28!

You now have an additional 13 days to get your pre-registration done, sign up for tours, buy T-shirts, and most importantly . . . AVOID THE REGISTRATION LINES!  If you pre-register, all you'll need to do is stand in the short, fast-moving line to pick up your registration packet.  Good for you - good for us.  Register today at the IPMS/USA online store .

Also, don't forget that your MUST pre-register for the Buckley AFB tour (for security check) and the Rocky Mountain National Park tour (so that we can arrange for your box lunch).


Only 8 Days Left to Pre-Register!

Convention time is nearly here. If you have not yet registered, you have only 8 days left to pre-register (ends on July 15th). Yes, you can still register when you arrive at the convention . . . but expect to stand in line with your fellow procrastinators. Save yourself some trouble and register today!

ACCOMMODATIONS Our reserved room blocks for rooms at our hotels expire on July 15th!  There may be some rooms available at each hotel after that date, but they will be available at the demand market rate in effect for the day you make your reservation - not the discounted group rates we have right now.  So if you want to save at least $10/night on your room reservation, book now!  Go to our Accommodations page and scroll down to the individual hotel listings for rates & availability.

TOURS Pre-registration for our tours will close July 15th July 28 !  If you want to go on the tour to Buckley Air Force Base, you must pre-register - you will NOT be able to register for this particular tour when you arrive at the convention.  You may register on-site for Thursday's Wings Over The Rockies Museum tour no later than Wednesday, August 14; and the Saturday Autophile's Tour (Clive Cussler and Shelby American Collections) and Rocky Mountain National Park Tour no later than Thursday, August 15.  We strongly encourage you to pre-register so that we can ensure we have plenty of space for you on the tour bus!

AWARD SPONSORSHIPS are picking up!  There are still 57 opportunities to support the national contest.  Award sponsorships can be requested and paid for through the IPMS/USA online store , and the available categories can be found here (look for any category that does not currently have a sponsor listed).


Only 60 days left to file those seams, get the paint dried, and affix those decals!  And while you're waiting for the paint to dry, be sure to get pre-registered and fill out your contest entry forms .  In the meantime, here's a few updates on your convention preparation:

Check out the Schedule page for the seminars and meetings to be held during the Convention.  Whether you're interested in ship building, casting, airliners, auto finishing, or airbrushing . . . you'll find a variety of topics of both seminars and hand-on activities.  Additionally, be sure to check out the exhibit from the Colorado Aerospace History Project to learn about the history of aviation in our great state.

Sponsorship of contest categories are coming in fast.  Thank you to all the IPMS chapters, individuals, and companies who have stepped up to support the annual contest.  If you haven't done so already, you still have 84 opportunities to add your name to one of the available categories.  Contact our Sponsorship Coordinator for more information and check out the available Categories on the contest page.

Additional hotel rooms have been negotiated at less-than-street-rate pricing.  Check out the Accommodations page for more information.


If you need electrical / internet access for your model display or vendor set-up , you must complete the Exhibitors Order Form and submit it to the Embassy Suites Loveland (per the instructions in the form) no later than August 3, 2013.  If you do not, you may not have access to power during the convention.


We have updated our Vendors page, with new vendors and a floor plan of our two vendor rooms!


Our Contest Entry Forms are now posted here. You'll need to fill out two separate forms for the model contest.  The first form is a Master List of all of your contest entries.  The second form is the individual Entry Form to be placed with each of your models in the contest room.  You will save yourself some time at the convention if you can print and fill out these forms prior to arriving.  Please print or type your information so that it can be read by the convention staff and national judges.  It's also very important that you fill in your name and city/state at the bottom of each Model Entry Form - and be sure to fold this section under when placing it with your model.  This information is required for us to make the announcements of the winning entries during the banquet presentation and in the IPMS/USA Journal Magazine.  Rest assured the judges don't look at this information during the judging process -- as long as you fold under this flap!

It's time to start thinking about the National Contest!  In addition to getting your modeling entries finished up (or started!), you may want to consider volunteering to judge this year's contest.  If you are interested in judging, please contact the IPMS/USA National Contest Committee .  This link opens an email template; if you have problems with this link, just send an email to and provide your name, email address, and phone number - along with your preferences for which classes of models you would like to judge.  If you have not judged in previous national contests, you may sign up to be an OJT (On-the-Job Trainee) Judge.  Check out the judging guidelines in the IPMS/USA Modeler's Guide To IPMS Contests (Competition Handbook).


Awards Sponsorships:
There are still plenty of opportunities available to sponsor a category for the National Contest!  We still have 120 unsponsored categories! Now would be a good time to add your name to our distinguished list of sponsoring individuals, companies, and IPMS chapters who support the National Contest.  Please check out the available Categories and send your completed request form ( pdf format or MS Word ) to our Sponsorship Coordinator .

All of our Best-of-Class awards and Special-Theme awards have been sponsored.  Our thanks to all those who sponsored those awards!  They're listed on our Categories page.

At this time, all of the rooms within our contracted room blocks at the Embassy Suites Loveland, Candlewood Suites, and Holiday Inn Express have been reserved.  A few more rooms at each of those locations might become available after July 15th, but that's not certain now.  If some do become available, we'll post notice here.

Also, our original contracted room blocks at the Fairfield Inn , Hampton Inn , and Residence Inn have all been reserved.  At those three locations, we have been able to get an additional block of rooms which are slightly higher than our original IPMS rate - but still $20 to $40 lower than the current market rate.  Just click on the links to those hotels to see how many rooms are still available, along with their rates.


Yes, time is marching on and it's only five short months until convention time! Hotel rooms at the convention rates are nearly booked up (although lots of options are available in the Fort Collins-Loveland area), registrations are picking up, and plans are moving forward.

Check out our beautiful trophies! For available sponsorships, please contact our Sponsor Coordinator and check the category list for those awards packages still available.

Our convention t-shirt design is now finalized. Shirts are only $18 ($2 additional for XXL and XXXL) and available through the registration process on the IPMS store .

The "Quick Draw McGraw" and "Saturday Night Special" raffle drawings will have a great selection of items - for only $1 or $5 per raffle ticket. Check out more information on the raffle here .


What better way to get to know the inner workings of a convention than to volunteer! If you'd like to help with the many convention activities, please contact our Vendor Coordinator .


Registration is now open! For more information, go to our Registration page , the IPMS/USA online store , or download our mail-in registration form .

13-Jan-2013 :

Happy New Year! Work is progressing nicely in preparation for the 2013 National Convention. You will start to see more updates and additions to the website regarding sponsors, vendors, and other informational updates.

Vendors: For those vendors who reserved tables at the 2012 Orlando convention, you must pay the table fees by the end of January to still get the discounted rate offered ($100 each for the first 3 tables; $85 each table thereafter). Beginning in February, table rates will be assessed at $125 each for the first 3 tables; and $100 each table thereafter. Our Vendor Coordinator has contacted all vendors for whom he had an email address and still needed payment. If you have not been contacted and need to pay, please contact our Vendor Coordinator . Any tables reserved but not paid for by March 1, 2013, will be released and those tables will be offered to our waiting list in date order of their request.

Registration forms and the online store are being finalized. We will add the form and links to the store as soon as they are ready.

The online payments will be processed through IPMS/USA's shopping cart, which you can get to from links on our website: credit card payments are not processed by us locally. This is the same procedure used in recent conventions - convenient and easily accessible!


This past week, we were informed that our reserved block of 220 rooms at the Embassy Suites has been sold out. And at this time, the hotel has no additional rooms they can add to our block. Another event is scheduled the same weekend as our convention, at the nearby Ranch events complex, and the Embassy Suites has some rooms set aside for its attendees (app 40). IF any rooms from that reserved block become available for our use, we will announce it on this page, and re-insert the Embassy Suites' contact information for our room block back onto our Accommodations page. If you need to make any changes to your existing room reservation at Embassy Suites, we have an email link set-up within the hotel's information on our Accommodations page. And we still have several rooms available at all our other nearby hotels; they're all listed up-to-date on our Accommodations page.


Welcome to the News page for our 2013 IPMS/USA National Convention.

At this time, we have posted detailed information about our Accommodations, and our FAQs page can answer a lot of your questions about our convention site, our hotels, and this general area. We can confirm the primary host hotel, Embassy Suites Loveland , has not sold out of its room-block for our attendees! Anyone who recently tried to make a reservation using our IPMS group rate before the date that group rate was to go into effect was likely told that no such group rate was available - literally true for that specific early date, but the room-block is not sold out - yet!

We have posted general information about our anticipated tours, since we're still negotiating to schedule a few of them. Our general schedule of events is posted, and it will be updated as needed with information about seminars and tours.

We do not yet have detailed information available about Registration fees or Sponsorship rates; that will be posted in November, to be made publicly available at the same time as the Nov-Dec issue of the IPMS/USA Journal . Also, updates on the Contest Categories and Contest Rules will be posted in November, once we get a list of any changes from IPMS/USA's National Contest Committee.

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