All our available vendor tables for our 2013 convention have been sold!

Following is a list of our confirmed vendors.  The numbers in parentheses following each vendor show their table assignments on our
Vendor Rooms Floor Plan .

Vendors, if you have a website that is not linked to your listing below, contact our Webmaster .

Vendors, if you have not yet received the Exhibitors Order Form from us, and you need electrical / internet access, you must complete that form and submit it to the Embassy Suites Loveland (per the instructions in the form) no later than August 3, 2013.  If you do not, you may not have access to power during the convention.  We've made notes on our list below, for a few vendors for whom we have no contact information.  If you see a note by your name, please contact our Vendor Coordinator or our Webmaster .

Waiting List Payment Information

Admiralty Model Works (J-5, J-6, J-7)

Aires Resin (L-1, L-2, L-3)

Alliance Model Works (D-7 -- D-16)

Alpha Abrasives (B-3, B-4, B-22, B-23)

J Anderson (J-24)

Avalon Books & Hobbies (F-17, F-18, F-19)

Barracuda Studios (B-1, B-2, B-24)

S Brandt (& B Crisler) (C-9)

Casemate Publishers (K-14 -- K-20)

C Carroll (K-1, K-2, K-26)

Civil War Steam Etc (K-8, K-9)

Colpar Hobbies (A-1, A-2)

B Crisler (& S Brandt) (C-9)

CRM Hobbies (D-17, D-18, D-19)

J Crow (K-7)

C Davis (& M McDanal, H Pennink) (D-6)

Dean's Hobby Stop (C-1 -- C-4, C-23, C-24)

Defense House Publishing (G-14, G-15)

Dragon Models USA (C-5 -- C-8, C-18 -- C-21)

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Eagle Editions (F-1, F-2, F-3, F-23, F-24)

Eduard (B-10 -- B-18)

B Ferguson (W-1)

Free Time Hobbies (J-1 -- J-4, J-25, J-26)

P & R Gitzel (W-3, W-4)

Grex USA (D-20, D-21)

Hangar-18 Miniatures (K-22, K-23)

B Hoy, D Watkins (W-5, W-6, W-7)

Hunk of Junk Productions (A-9)

Icon Automotive Miniatures (F-8)

Joy Decals (W-8)

KitKong's Model Mansion (A-10, A-11)

M Knowlton (K-5, K-6)

Koster Aero Enterprises (E-5, E-6)

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L'Arsenal (H-1, H-2, H-3)

Lone Star Models (B-8, B-9)

Loose Cannon Models (H-19, H-20, H-21)

M & Models (E-1 -- E-4, E-23, E-24)

M.A.L. Hobbies (B-5 -- B-7, B-19 -- B-21)

Mark's Models & Toys (K-3, K-4)

Maus Werx (L-10)

M & D Horrell (C-17)

M McDanal (& C Davis, H Pennink) (D-6)

Model Warships (H-4, H-5)

Modelers Or Mice (K-21)

MPM-CMK-AIR Magazine (J-8 -- J-23)

M Quiroz (L-8, L-9)

MS Hobbies (K-12, K-13)

Obscureco (D-5)

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Pacific Coast Models (C-10 -- C-16)

H Pennink (& C Davis, M McDanal) (D-6)

Philips Woodcraft (E-22)

Rare Plane Detective (G-1 -- G-13)

Resin Ship Yard (H-24)

Revell (F-4 -- F-7)

Roll Models (H-9 -- H-18)

SBS Models (C-22)

Scale Finishes (F-21, F-22)

Sierra Hotel Models (H-6, H-7, H-8)

Skylancer Decals (F-9, F-10)

D Slowiak (K-24, K-25)

Squadron (MMD), D Doyle Books, World of Tanks
(F-11 -- F-16, G-16 -- G-25)

Tag Team Hobbies (A-6, A-7, A-8)

Tiger Hobbies / J J Fedorowicz (K-10, K-11)

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Tom's Modelworks (H-22, H-23)

The Tool Man (E-7 -- E-19)

Twobobs Aviation Graphics (A-3, A-4, A-5)

UMM-USA (A-12 -- A-17)

S Virgo (W-2)

Volks / Zoukei-mura (D-1 -- D-4, D-22 -- D-24)

Warbird Decals (E-20, E-21)

D Watkins, B Hoy (W-4, W-5, W-6)

Xuron Corp (F-20)

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Waiting List
100% of our available vendor tables have been reserved.

Those who had been on our waiting list since the start of this year will have been contacted by our Vendor Coordinator as any tables became available.  If you'd like to get on our waiting list in case we have any further cancellations, please contact our Vendor Coordinator .

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For those vendors who reserved tables at the 2012 Orlando convention, you must pay the table fees by the end of January to still get the discounted rate offered ($100 each for the first 3 tables; $85 each table thereafter). Beginning February, table rates will be $125-each for the first 3 tables; and $100-each per table thereafter . Our Vendor Coordinator has contacted all vendors for whom he had an email address. If you have not been contacted and need to pay, please contact our Vendor Coordinator . Tables reserved but not paid for by March 2013, were released and offered to our waiting list, in date order of their requests.

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